WALL Partners

Partner Activities

Partner Activities

WLLA consists of its various partners. The work carried out by the WLLA is done through these partners. As WLLA is built from the ground up, the majority of its partners are from the grassroots level.
WLLA supports partners to undertake a variety of innovative activities, designed to enhance and supplement ongoing work.

These include:

  • Grassroots Mapping
  • Peer Exchanges
  • Local – to – Local Exchanges
  • Community Paralegalling
  • Training of communities, sensitization

WLLA Coordinating Partner, the Huairou Commission and its member GROOTS International have fostered the development of these various initiatives for several years. Within the context of the WLLA Initiative they have proven invaluable to various partners, as they:
Promote greater understanding of the issues surrounding women’s housing and land rights or the lack thereof, in the case of Grassroots Mapping;
Sensitize women in the communities on their rights and responsibilities vis a vis housing and land rights, in the case of Training and Education strategies;
Foster a desire to work on a variety of strategies that have been learned from others, in the case of Peer Exchanges;
Encourage dialogue and joint problem solving between often adverse actors, in the case of Local to Local Dialogues.

Various Grassroots Partners have undertaken a variety of activities, to provide a rich platform of joint action on land and housing rights for women in Africa.
Below you will see a selection of WLLA Partners and be able to link directly to their own reports on WLLA facilitated activities which they conducted, such as community mapping and local to local dialogues. Further WLLA partners and their reports will be added, so keep an eye on this page.

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